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  Penglai city inati fairyland with special chemical co., LTD. Is located in the famous Chinese and foreign——Penglai。

  This company is a professional manufacturer of metal processing AIDS,Which involves cleaning products、Rust、Rust removal、Lubrication、Descaling、Take off the lacquer、Cutting、Phosphating、Permeability and other fields。

  Our company has strong technical force,Is the collection of scientific research、Development、Production、Sales for the integration of the company。Over the years the company with professional scientific research institutions joint development,Constantly introducing patent products and scientific research,Through years of research、To explore、Summary、Innovation and practice,Penglai city inati on special chemical co., LTD. Has become the broad masses of customers sincere cooperation partner。

  This series of cleaning agent is by a variety of chemical additives,Through scientific processing and preparation,Oil is used for machining,Paste before and after the artifacts such as the ideal cleaner。


  This series of anti-rust agent in the oil,Dehydrating agent,Corrosion inhibitor,On the basis of base oil, etc,With antioxidants,Petroleum solvents,Stabilizer for auxiliary reagents,Scientific allocation,Excellent rust resistance。
  The series of grinding fluid is by the lubricant,Penetrating agent,Fungicide,Corrosion inhibitor,Inorganic additives, etc,Scientific processing and into,It has excellent cooling,Lubrication,Rust,Properties, such as cleaning,Wide praise customers
  ThePHThe series is made by wetting agents、Penetrating agent、Dispersant、Rust solvent、Corrosion inhibitors, etc,Through scientific processing and preparation,Is a metal surface after machining floating rust remover。
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